Let's Go Workshop - Pacific City, Oregon

Learning is such an important part of photography. There is always something to gain when you invest in learning. Last week I got the opportunity to work with some of the most talented photographers in the industry. What an incredible day filled with creativity, new opportunities and knowledge that I will take with me in every session. 

Lauren & Austin Wedding

The Oregon Coast is famous for it's breathtaking beaches and rocky cliffs that adorn the Pacific Northwest that bring millions of visitors to it's small coastal towns that are dotted up and down the famous shorelines. People dream of getting married here and there's no shortage of beautiful famous wedding destinations...but don't forget the incredibly lush old-growth forests that boast lush greenery, moss and host a vast array of flora and fauna. With such incredible beauty I'm certain that most Disney films that included forest scenes were inspired by our own forests.

Lauren & Austin's wedding took advantage of the surrounding forests that adorn our Oregon Coastal range and turned their wedding into magic. With fresh lavender grown here locally at farm Oregon Coast Lavender and fresh flowers, candles, lace and wooden pedestals the guests were transported into a magical fairytale where the bride and the groom echoed the beautiful natural beauty of their surroundings with a relaxed atmosphere that echoed the style and personalities of Lauren and her handsome groom. At any moment I expected Unicorns to come waltzing out to graze on the daisy's but wait...that was probably just the goat that gets to call this place home!