I'll be honest here....I wasn't born with a camera in hand. I grew up my whole life thinking I was the most unartistic person in my family. I watched my mother create works of art molding clay into masterpieces....I tried and it was a disaster...mud and I, we just were not made for each other. She got her talent from my grandfather who was a pretty well renowned film photographer. I would watch him traipse off all across the globe and then spend hours in his darkroom watching his memories and research come to life. He had a pool table in his dining room that we were to never touch as it had all of his camera gear on it. I now can appreciate his investment as I remember it was completely covered in multiple lenses, cameras, flashes, filters and heaven knows what else. I just know we were not allowed to go near any of it! Fast forward 20 years later and I was stuck in a career I hated, a district manager who made my life more than miserable on most days. I felt the daily stress taking a toll on not only my family but my health as well. To alleviate the daily stress I decided to start using the tool I had in my hand and just started driving out to the middle of nowhere and take pictures....yes I was an iphone photographer! It was these times where I would find myself in the middle of the desert without a care in the world. I had found my happiness and knew that I needed more of these "me" times in my life. I started spending much more time pulling over and taking pictures with that phone and I even won a contest with one of those handy phones. My friends started asking me to do their family photos but of course I declined and informed them I was just using my cell phone. It was at this time that I started thinking maybe I'm not so unartistic after all. This revelation is when I knew that it was time for a lifestyle change for me so I picked up a camera and just started shooting. I no longer work for that horrible district manager and I changed my whole life. I left the desert where I grew up and moved to the Oregon Coast. I now call Tillamook home and couldn't be happier. When I first started shooting I was thinking I would just capture gorgeous landscapes, incredible sunsets, sunrises anywhere I would find that beautiful solitude but I quickly learned that I missed people and capturing personalities, evoking memories and telling their story. So why can't I marry the two? With my style of photography I get both. I am constantly seeking new places and seeking out gorgeous backdrops that will create dynamic and stunning canvases that can adorn any wall. 

4 years since I first bought a camera and I'm not slowing down. I have learned that I love LOVE. I want to capture you and your loved ones. There is a connection between people and my goal with every session is to convey that in your images with a landscape that will enhance the moment and create drama in your photos. You will not hear me use the term "say cheese" I want the natural tendencies that you may not even notice when you walk hand in hand along the beach. Maybe a soft twirl in the grass, the brush of your hair. That moment before you kiss...these are the moments that make memories.